Often drivers who struggle to pass a test or struggle to get comfortable with driving are trying to manage all the complex pieces of driving without first building a core skillset to build the complexities on top of.

A very important part of the ICBC driving test is keeping your car in the proper position for all movements and through out each and every minute of the drive. Many of these movements need to be 30 centimetres in accuracy or less.

Smooth steering, brakes and gas are important.

When I work with a new driver who has never driven before, we first build these important skills BEFORE adding the more complex never-ending activities of driving.

But when a driver comes without these basics, it’s a huge struggle to get them back to focusing on the basics, like positioning and smooth. It kind of requires a tearing down of what they are doing. This is a huge challenge. It often requires unlearning in order to learn.

This can be prevented by sending the new driver to an experienced instructor first, to get them on the right track.


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