My driving test is tomorrow. Help me prepare, please.

I arrive. You jump into the driver’s seat.

We pull out onto Howe St and head across Granville bridge.

It pouring down rain, heavy and you move at 67 km/h across the bridge.

Past the bridge, the yellow road signposts 40 km/h as the road bends to the left and connects onto Fir St going south.

We maintain our 60+ even in the wet roads and banking left corner, even though you have never driven my car and have no idea the tractions of my tires. Oh and yes right past a posted 50 sign.

We turn right onto Broadway and immediately see orange sticks lining up both sides of the roadway, part of the construction work, as we accelerate up to 60 again.

Directly in front of us about 1/2 block ahead is a construction working truck, with a huge flashing orange arrow sign mounted on the top of the truck, the size of a small car indicating for us to move left.

We rip past the truck with the flashing orange light and all the orange sticks at 60.

Two blocks ahead more orange poles appear, many very fat ones, gates, construction vehicles and flag people and a sign that says 30 max.

We slow to 30 exactly.

The road becomes super rough and bumpy as the car bounces up and down making banging noises, heavy noises, as we bounce down through six or seven deep bumps, like a joyrider, maintaining 30 exactly.

We pass very close to working crews of men women standing just to the side, behind the line of orange poles. Some flagmen are staring at us.

FAIL 67 in 60

FAIL 60 in 40 km/h recommended corner on a heavily-rained roadway very close to being a dangerous action here.

FAIL going 60 in a 50 zone.

FAIL speeding in a construction zone which is 40. We were doing 60.

FAIL to respond and drop below 40 for a flashing working vehicle in the construction zone – with a huge flashing light the size of a small car!

(when the driver was later asked about this huge sign flashing, they responded with ” I SAW IT! I SAW IT! “)

FAIL driving 30 in a construction zone where deep roadwork had created huge ruts and we drove right through them all damaging the car at every bump – Far too fast for the road conditions.

FAIL driving past humans people working and flagmen at 30 in the 30 zones! TOO FAST TOO DANGEROUS. 30 is the posted maximum under ideal conditions! It does not mean go 30! Humans, construction and deep bumps are NOT IDEAL CONDITIONS! SLOW DOWN!

We finally find a place to pull over and stop and the driver says to me, “Do you think I am ready for the test!”

I Have Evolved.

Quality Driver Training.

A Vancouver Driving School.


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