“To err is human, to forgive divine.”

But an error in relation to a car can be big trouble.

A car is a steel heavy 2000 kg weight which is designed to move easily as little as a small push or a slight decline with gravity down your driveway. It also gets very hot in the sunshine or on a hot day and freezing cold in the winter. Is the problem with the car? Or is it how we relate to the car? Either way, it is very difficult sometimes.

Months, years, and decades of zero issues can make us complacent. Keys are left on keychains hanging at the front door with access to all ages as they grow taller, grab things and get more and more curious.

And yes many of us drive by the odds, hoping and often ignoring that small percentage, this Dark Side of driving.

Alas, it exists.

Sad day.

June 27, 2022, Toddler Dies in Hot Car

Read more about how often this occurs in Canada here.

And read here about related events in the United States.

Be careful everyone.

Be Aware.

Be safe.


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