Our eyes function with Light. No light is no vision. Black night driving can be super dangerous.

Remember the only object legally allowed out at night WITHOUT a LIGHT is a person!

Most drivers over drive their headlights, which means they cannot stop n the distance they can see. A very scary habit to develop!


Yes, this driving school teaches at night. Again we near never see other schools out. Truth is traffic is lighter at night and its a great time to learn lights and line markings. Greens reds yellow whites on the black of the night is visually exciting.

You will also learn to see objects in inverse light, meaning you see a white light surrounded with black, but then notice the white flashes as a black object momentarily blocks out the light! IT’S A PERSON! SCARY! Welcome to night driving!

Similar to downtown traffic, we go everywhere to help you experience as much as possible with a coach (and dual controls) so you can learn the complex with maximum safety.


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