A recent client told me that it was forbidden to listen to a radio for an ‘L’ driver.

Your ears are powerful tools for managing objects around you. Ears locate objects near like trucks, motorcycles or the booming stereos in the car next to us.

The laws don’t seem to restrict your ears, however, there is a reference to not wearing earbuds for music.

The law does restrict your hands and your eyes. Hands cannot hold devices nor type into devices and eyes cannot stare at devices.

Also notice that the RCMP even defines talking to your passenger as a distraction.

What next? Thinking can be a distraction. In fact, I do teach clients the difference between thinking and seeing, brain versus eyes and which one you should be believing!

Years back when radios first came into cars many warned of their dangers.

Horse and buggy drivers laughed when cars first appeared because the car would not come when you whistled.

Our world and rules are changing CONSTANTLY!

So should you!

Your Drive Education never ends.


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