I just arrived in Vancouver. So many questions and so many steps to figure out how the driver’s license works here.

My web search finds 600+ driving schools filling my computer screen bumper to bumper. ( ICBC reports 846 schools in B.C. )

How do I decide? Which are scams and which are authentic? Pick one and hope for the best.

Back in my home country I simply paid the money and received my license. Similarly, back home there was little enforcement of the law. If trouble came again we just paid the money. It was scary so luckily I just avoided it as much as possible.

But here in Vancouver I really need a car to get around. Time to get serious, and learn how to drive.

“ICBC expects you to have a minimum of 60 hours of driving before you attempt the first level L or Class 7 driving test.” states my very kind driving instructor.

My total hours in my entire life is maybe 10.

Is this kind trainer telling me the truth?

He seems honest but everything is so new here.

And 60 hours times $100 an hour is $6000! Wow, I did not budget this amount to learn to drive. Back home I could get a full license for under $100. Hmmm. Is this a scam?

I think I best go try a road test and see the truth about this ICBC 60 hours talk. I accept failing. This way I will find out if this trainer is speaking the truth.

What is a Good Driver? Really? Cooper Asks


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