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30 mph (48 km/h) 48 km/h (30 mph)

This is a very tough way to fail a driver’s test but it happens. Recently a perfect score sheet with remarks like GOOD DRIVING, and GREAT BLIND SPOT CHECKS, still resulted in a fail!


Before explaining this failure, it’s best you review two previous posts discussing the benefit of driving slow and how important it is when learning to drive.

Go Faster! You Drive too Slow!

However, once you step into, I AM A DRIVER NOW, too slow can get you into trouble quickly.

Let me explain.

I practiced paying attention to the 30 signs for both parks and schools. Reading them, seeing them, and paying attention to the posted hours as well as exactly where the zone begins and where the zone ends.

Test day arrives.

I catch all the 30 zones aok.

But I drive too slow in the 50 zones.


The truth here is that I forgot that when I left the 30, it jumps back to 50. Yes, I knew when the 30 ended but… I thought it was 30 throughout all the residential areas. There are a lot of parked cars and congested so I would never do 50!

YES but that’s not why you did 30. If you truly are arguing that the parked cars kept you down to 30, then what about the block sections where there are no parked cars? Why did you not jump back up to 50?

The truth, if you are honest, is that you THOUGHT the law was 30 in residential.


  1. you are under stress for the exam
  2. your lifelong habit from your home country is 30 MPH
  3. Canada’s equivalent is 50 KMH – 30 mph (48 km/h)
  4. during the test, your brain switched back to the old habit
  5. you failed because you did 20KMH under the speed limit

QUESTION: When the school zone ended and you found the end of the zone, 30, why did you not jump up to 50?

ANSWER: Truthfully I thought I was back up to 50 because in my home country 30 MPH equals 50. So I was confused and stayed at 30. Sorry!

No NO sorry! Realize what happened. under the stress! Your old habits kicked in! You thought you were at the residential speed maximum of 50 km/h (by going 30 kph because back home 30 mph is the 50 so you saw the 30 and stayed at the 30 just like you have done in residential areas most of your life back home! )

You were confused!



A misunderstanding of the law failed you and/or the habit from your past confused your 50 with 30!

This happens. Driving many years in your home country with MPH and then having to switch to KPH is not easy. Under stress, your powerful brain may switch back. Add to this the culture shock you are experiencing from all parts of this new society plus the cars are NOT STANDARD SHIFT and for some new visitors here in CANADA we drive on the WRONG SIDE OF THE ROAD! Wow, a challenge for your brain for sure!

Give yourself a break here. This change is not an easy one. Your body and mind need time to change. Do not treat this lightly. Come, I can help you!


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