Things get harder


The path gets easier

Jokingly when a client starts to master a skill we both celebrate and we pile on more work, effectively making it harder once again.

And that is the truth.

Your reward for learning, for success, is more responsibility and more work.

But of course. In this lifelong journey of driving, there are endless learnings lined up for you to overcome! New difficulties are being invented every single day! Watch out!

Climbing through several levels of mastery and foundational building requires more piled on top of more, as you get stronger you get more.

So the benchmark to your success should be that it is getting harder.

It gets easier when you quit or give up.

Oh, I thought it got easier when you get to the top? Well, get yourself there first, then answer the question.

Oh now that I know everything I thought it would be easy!

NO NO NO! Watch out here! As you get better, you’ll need vigilance, determination and that ever feared brain issue called complacency, autopilot, daydreaming, and arrogance!

And yes I know some very skilled drivers with great vision and powerful awareness, but they use it to get closer to objects, go faster, stop later, accelerate quickest, effectively INCREASING their risk at every step!

Mastery and high skill can be used to maximize your space everywhere, and minimize the risk of driving to its lowest possible level. Or you can do the opposite.

So the biggest question should be, are you still learning?

Because I believe the moment it gets easier, that’s the moment you have stopped learning.

And yes certain levels and movements do get easier but what awaits you next? More improvement of course and building on what you now know.

So stay on your toes. keep vigilant and fully aware for your next teacher may be just around that next corner.


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