I leave the house in the mornings I don’t carry anything because someone is always home. Carrying identification is a new thing. Yes, I have a cell phone but it’s nice and thin. But now, gotta keep this license on me for all driving times.

It’s a new habit and because my old habit is so strong my brain doesn’t yet remember to always have that id with me.

I wonder how many old habits remain entrenched as I learn to drive? Dozens? Hundred? Thousands? Millions?

30.10(2)​Fail to display “L” sign in violation of driver’s licence condition​$109​0
​30.10(4)​Fail to display “N” sign in violation of driver’s licence condition​$109​0
24(1)No driver’s licence/wrong class$2763
24(3)(b)Drive without insurance$5980
25(15)Drive contrary to restriction (e.g., not wearing corrective lenses)$1093
33(1)Fail to produce driver’s licence or insurance$810

“ignorance is bliss, except when driving!”

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