Anxiety is so powerful it blanks our my vision totally.

I cannot process anything around me.

Sometimes I lock onto one thing ahead of us and everything else goes blank.

Other times I notice that there is so much going on around us that I cannot think – totally overwhlemed!


Clearly the above words tell me that you are in the wrong place.

Consider various settings, and you’ll observe that bedrooms are usually tranquil, while TV rooms tend to be noisy. When teaching someone to drive, putting them in a high-stress environment right away can disrupt their focus on essential fundamentals. In the past, I was trained in the industry to thrust new learners into traffic and highways as quickly as possible. In retrospect, I realize that I was essentially subjecting them to a traumatic experience.

That’s no longer my approach.

Calm Driving is the target and knowledge is the bedrock you need to achieve this.

Come talk about good driving.

Come be that good driver.


Specializing in fear, stress and anxiety while driving.


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