Two weeks ago a yellow engine light lit up on my dashboard.

It was two days before a client’s driving test.

Oh No! ICBC may not allow the test to run.

Here in Vancouver, two shops tell me to come back in a week. Oh Oh!

I find time to rush to my fantastic smart wonderful mechanic Johnnys Auto In North Vancouver.

Five minutes later Johnny had the yellow engine light diagnosed and turned off.


An important part of driver education is locating a smart and honest mechanic! I certify that Johnny is all of these plus much much more!

Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC): P2422

P2422 code definition

Evaporative Emissions Control System (EVAP) Vent Valve Stuck Closed

Related Trouble Codes:

  • P2441: EVAP Vent Valve Stuck Open

EVAP trouble codes that may be a symptom of the P2422 trouble code:

  • P0400: EVAP Malfunction
  • P0441: EVAP Incorrect Purge Flow
  • P0442: EVAP Leak Detected – Small Leak
  • P0443: EVAP Purge Control Valve Circuit
  • P0444: EVAP Purge Control Valve Circuit Open
  • P0445: EVAP Purge Control Valve Circuit
  • P0446: EVAP Vent Control Circuit Malfunction
  • P0447: EVAP Vent Control Circuit Open
  • P0448: EVAP Vent Control Circuit Shorted
  • P0449: EVAP Vent Valve/Solenoid Circuit Malfunction
  • P0450: EVAP Pressure Sensor Malfunction
  • P0451: EVAP Pressure Sensor Range/Performance
  • P0452: EVAP Pressure Sensor Low Input
  • P0453: EVAP Pressure Sensor High Input
  • P0454: EVAP Pressure Sensor Intermittent
  • P0455: EVAP Leak Detected-gross leak
  • P0456: EVAP Small Leak Detected]
  • P0457: EVAP Leak Detected]
  • P0458: EVAP Purge Control Valve Circuit Low
  • P0459: EVAP Purge Control Valve Circuit High

What the P2422 code means

The P2422 diagnostic trouble code is an indication that the vent valve of the evaporative emissions control system (EVAP) is stuck closed.

The EVAP system reduces harmful pollutants, generated by the engine combustion process, from being expelled into the environment. Fuel vapors are allowed into the engine through the EVAP vent valve. The vent valve regulates the amount of fuel vapors that will be permitted into the engine. If the EVAP vent valve is stuck in the closed position, fuel vapors will be prevented from flowing through the vent valve and into the engine.

The powertrain control module (PCM) receives a voltage signal from the vent valve control circuit. This voltage signal carries information regarding the pressure and flow of the EVAP system. When this voltage signal does not fall within the predetermined voltage specifications set by the manufacturer, the PCM will store the P2422 diagnostic trouble code and the Check Engine Light will come on.

What causes the P2422 code?

  • Faulty vent valve
  • Faulty vent valve control solenoid
  • Faulty pressure sensor
  • Faulty purge control solenoid
  • Faulty flow sensor
  • Loose or missing fuel cap
  • Vacuum hoses that are damaged, loose or broken
  • Fuel vapor hoses that are damaged, loose or broken
  • EVAP wires that are damaged, broken or have shorts
  • EVAP connectors that are damaged or corroded
  • Faulty PCM

What are the symptoms of the P2422 code?

  • Check Engine Light is on
  • No symptoms present at all
  • Other diagnostic trouble codes related to the EVAP system stored by the PCM

How does a mechanic diagnose the P2422 code?

  1. Uses an OBD-II scanner to collect all trouble codes that have been stored by the PCM, as well as freeze frame data
  2. Checks the EVAP system wiring for breaks, frays, corrosion, and shorts
  3. Checks the EVAP system connectors for bent pins, broken plastic, or corrosion
  4. Repairs or replaces faulty EVAP system wires and connectors
  5. Checks the fuel cap to ensure that it is properly affixed to the fuel inlet (the fuel cap should be tested with a fuel cap tester if available)
  6. Clears all trouble codes and completes a test drive to see if the P2422 trouble code comes back
  7. If the P2422 trouble code does come back, checks the EVAP system vacuum lines and hoses for damage or loose connections.
  8. Repairs or replaces any damaged or loose vacuum lines and hoses
  9. Clears all trouble codes and completes a test drive to see if the P2422 trouble code comes back
  10. If the P2422 trouble code does come back, checks the charcoal canister for damage
  11. Tests the leak detection pump using the directions in the manufacturer’s service manual
  12. Uses a scan tool to test EVAP controllers and components

If other EVAP system diagnostic trouble codes have been stored by the PCM, they should be diagnosed in the order that they appear in the OBD-II scanner.

Common mistakes when diagnosing the P2422 code

  • Vacuum leaks are not discovered and repaired before replacing EVAP components. There are times when vacuum leaks are the cause of the P2422 trouble code and replacing EVAP components is not necessary.
  • Extensive amounts of time are used to detect vacuum leaks without testing for proper operation of the EVAP leak detection pump.

How serious is the P2422 code?

A diagnostic trouble code is normally considered serious when it causes driveability issues or a change in performance. The P2422 diagnostic trouble code is not known to cause driveability or performance issues. For this reason, it is not considered serious, but should be addressed in a timely manner.

Allowing diagnostic trouble codes to be stored in the PCM without being addressed for an extended amount of time may cause damage to other engine components.

What repairs can fix the P2422 code?

  • Replacing a faulty vent valve
  • Replacing a faulty vent valve control solenoid
  • Replacing a faulty pressure sensor
  • Replacing a faulty purge control solenoid
  • Replacing a faulty flow sensor
  • Tightening or replacing the fuel cap
  • Repairing or replacing damaged, loose or broken vacuum hoses
  • Repairing or replacing damaged, loose or broken fuel vapor hoses
  • Repairing or replacing damaged, broken, or shorted EVAP wires
  • Repairing or replacing damaged or corroded EVAP connectors
  • Replacing and reprogramming a faulty PCM

Additional comments for consideration regarding the P2422 code

The diagnosis process for the P2422 trouble code will take time and attention to detail to properly diagnose and repair. It will be helpful to use a smoke machine in order to find vacuum leaks in the EVAP control system.


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