Many new to Canada drivers drive using a method I had never seen before.

We drive up to a stop sign at a four-way intersection with four stops for all directions.

As we stopped my driver watched a truck approaching in the opposite direction coming up to their stop sign.

Instead of us turning our left because we had arrived first, we sat still watching the approaching truck come up to their stop sign.

After they stopped we continued left into our turn.

Why did you turn? I asked the driver?

Well because the driver stopped and let me go.

Why did you wait for him to come from a block away instead of just turning? I asked the driver.

Well, I didn’t know where he was going so I had to wait until I knew what he was doing.

This driver drove by Looking at Traffic.

They has no idea that there were four stop signs

Drive by Traffic.

In some parts of the world, this method of driving is how one stays alive.

But here, it is simply confusing for everyone involved.

Many have never heard of this method called Drive by Traffic.

It is very interesting. It was very popular in China.

For your road test you best Drive by Law or Drive by ICBC.

A Very Different Kind Of Driver Education.


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