Tonight was a long discussion with a Vancouver driving lesson client who continually pulls out in front of green vehicles when we have a red or a stop sign.

Q: Why I Ask?

A: It’s because I think it’s OK or assumes it is clear and OK, so I go.

But once the car appears, I realize it’s not OK.

I repeatedly use my brain and its assumptions, not my eyes and the visual, to ensure it is clear.


It is interesting to see the belief a person has far outweighing the facts their senses may pick up. Our super powerful brains have massive control over all body parts, including our vision!

Maybe the eyes send in the correct information and images, but in the end, the brain accepts the data or not!


All of their driving is excellent, except when we are at a stop sign turning into a green roadway with parked cars blocking our ability to scan far left and right. 

Boom, out we go right in front of a green right-of-way car! Again!


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