i struggle to park

I am taking too much time to park! The cars behind me are very angry. You want me to stop right here right in front of those rear cars? I am so scared that they will same right into the back of me!

Managing the timing of your park, to be nice to other cars, is your first step in parking. A great strategy is to find a quiet place to temporaily pull over to allow all rear traffic to go past you, before you slide out and up beside the car you intend to parrallel park with.

Removing the rear pressure by choosing when to stop and setup your park is wise. Or you can zip around the block one time and come back when you find a bigger gap in the tarffic flow.

Why Not! Cars are amazing! They can go anywhere!

We strongly recommend not training a new driver on your own. We suggest you hire a registered driving instructor with experience in a dual-controlled, fully insured driving school car.


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