parking on white line fail

I passed even after parking on the white line! Why do you think this is?

Many drivers are very concerned about parking properly for the ICBC exam. With that added exam pressure, it can be a challenge to get your car into the proper place safely. Being able to park all five types of parks is essential.

Five possible parks? YES really.

  1. Parallel park.
  2. Stall park pulling in frontwards to the right.
  3. Stall park pulling in frontwards to the left
  4. Stall park reversing to the right.
  5. Stall park reversing to the left.

Every driving lesson should include one or two parks. I suggest coaching your driving school to do it at the start of the class so that you don’t forget it. Parking practice is also a considerable time eater, so maybe it’s best to do it with mom or a friend and not spend all the driving lesson time on parking.

parking on white line fail

And yes, this driver did pass their ICBC driving test!

Ok, I’ll give you one possible explanation for them passing even when they messed up the end parking. Notice, however, that this explanation is NOT the real reason they passed. You must come to ask me in person to find the real reason.

One explanation may be that the only parking space was between two cars, forcing me to place my wheels on the white line heel to avoid hitting the adjacent vehicle. 

If there are two cars on either side, positioning yourself between the two vehicles equally in the space is much wiser than attempting to match the two white lines. But of course! The lines are painted, and the two cars are steel! Ha!

(however, this is not the real reason)

Try this 6th parking move – parallel parking on the one-way street on the driver’s side 🙂 Fun!

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