Each quarter the highest speeding ticket is published…

141,833 speeding tickets were issued since the summer of 2019. That’s 155 tickets per day.

159 in 50 109 over 3.2x’s the limit

168 in 60 108 over 2.8x’s the limit

181 in 60 121 over 3x’s the limit

198 in 80 118 over 2.5x’s the limit

162 in 60 102 over 2.7x’s the limit

142 in 50 92 over 3x’s the limit

149 in 50 99 over 3x’s the limit

182 in 60 122 over 3x’s the limit

166 in 60 106 over 2.8x’s the limit

172 in 60 112 over 2.9x’s the limit

Clearly, these speeders have zero respect for the law, and the incredible danger they are putting citizens in. Why are they allowed to continue driving?

Add to this, speeding at the location where the majority of crashes occur, the highest risk section of the roads – INTERSECTIONS! Smile! You are speeding on camera!

How wrong do you need to be in this game of driving before you get ejected from the game?

Actions speak louder than words.

Yesterday during a lesson in Vancouver we got a horn blast from the car behind us because we were doing 53 in a 50. Ha Ha Ha! Welcome to the new way of driving!


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