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I frequently observe drivers pushing themselves to their limits as they rush to excel in every aspect of their tasks. However, this constant drive to perform at their perceived best can often prove to be a significant distraction. It diverts their attention from their internal stress and the pressure they place on themselves to meet certain standards, whether set by authorities, perceived authorities, or the judgmental eyes of society.

This internal struggle often remains concealed because many individuals feel the need to perform around the clock for others.

I like to call this phenomenon the “torture chamber.” When you hire me as your instructor, I metaphorically place you in the driver’s seat of this chamber, where I challenge you to feel uncomfortable for 90 minutes while focusing on your performance. But let me emphasize, this is not the most effective way to control a 2000 kg steel box!

What you truly need during this time is your undivided attention on yourself, your vehicle, and the responsibilities that come with it. You must ensure the safety of your own life, your passengers’ lives, and those around you as you navigate the road.

This is definitely not the moment to allocate a significant portion of your attention and mental energy to trying to perform flawlessly!

So, my advice is simple: DRIVE THE CAR, please!

Please understand that my intention is not to convey anger; I’m merely pointing out that transitioning from a performance mindset is often challenging for many new drivers. Most of them aren’t even aware that they are constantly in a state of performance.


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