Most every day while on a driving lesson clients ask me the following:

Why do the two cars directly in front of us turn right at the red light without stopping?

  • Why do they turn left on the green just as it went yellow and 3 full cars squeeze thru none of whom were in the intersection when the light switched from the green to yellow, with two of them still finishing their turn as the light goes red?
  • Or why did the three cars ahead of us not stop at the stop sign, but rolled straight thru?
  • And why did the car approaching from the right with their stop sign not stop at the white line but instead came straight out across the sidewalks and cross the parking lane right up beside us as we zip past?

I simply say, “They are licensed. You are not.”

Learning To Drive can be one of your life’s most rewarding and joyous learning experiences! Really! It’s like playing a video game where you sit right in the middle of the game while chaos and complexity surround you at every moment! With one big difference! You don’t have multiple lives. PK truly means PK!

Is The Game Of Driving Similar To Other Games?

Does knowing the rules of a game improve your performance?

Are there opposing teams in this game: ICBC examiners, law enforcement, flow of traffic driving?

Do you know what the real rule book looks like? Have you ever seen it?

Do you know the percentage of failure in this driving game?

And what is failure in this game? A close call? A collision? An injury? A fatality?

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Before you learn the Hard Way!

What is a Good Driver? Really? Cooper Asks


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