Many years ago my best friend missed ONE stop sign, visited the very edge of death, and lost 6 years of life, living in rehabilitation and learning to walk and talk again.

As kids growing up, we did not learn to hunt for ALL FOUR STOP SIGN in an intersection.

We also did not realize that HUMAN MAKE MISTAKES AND ERRORS constantly – all the time.

And we seem very good at ignoring these errors, until BANG!

Every day I climb into a car with Seniors being retested, fully licensed drivers new to this country and new never drove drivers.

I do not expect the new drivers to understand the importance of knowing 100% of all the signs, lines and rules associated with an intersection. But they quickly learn that entering a complex road design NOT KNOWING 70% of what’s going on is DANGEROUS. Heck not knowing 20% of what’s going on is scary!

But what percentage of all the other licensed drivers who come to see me KNOW 100% of all the signs Lines and laws when they drive my 2000 kg car straight into the middle of that next complex intersection?


About 45% of my client base are fully licensed drivers.

Over the last year, I have met only one, who did 100% viewing. A few process about 70 to 80% and most answer with “I only look for the one facing me!”

“I only look for the one facing me!”

How many driving schools in Vancouver do not teach 100% signs nor all the rules of the road? Please don’t ask. The truth is few drivers know all the rules of the road. What about the new rules, and the ones that have changed?
Oh, dear, I think it’s time for a law firm, which is exactly what happens when you crash. You hrie teams of people to read the laws, for weeks, months, at times years, on your behalf.
Complex you think?

But hay, Driving is Easy right! HMMM.


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