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A new Vancouver clent just talked about the glaring failure one of the bigger known local driving schools in managing their learning experience, which they took ten years ago. Here’s where they went wrong:

1️⃣ Disregarding Learner Anxiety: Instead of addressing the natural anxiety many learners bring, the driving school never voiced nor took into account this crucial aspect. #LearnerAnxiety #DrivingSchoolFail 😟

2️⃣ Ignoring Internal Anxiety: The training programs’ focused on quickly bring the cient up to normal traffic flows, following the standard lessons, ignoring the internal ,often emotional ,learning experience. #InternalAnxiety #LearningExperience 🀯

3️⃣ The Wrong Vehicle: Imagine the frustration when, on the day of the driving test, the school shows up with an entirely different car, blowing the learner’s confidence out the window and exploding their anxiety sky high. #VehicleMismatch #DrivingTestFail 🚘

4️⃣ Examiner Confrontation: With inadequate preparation on the unfamiliar vehicle, the examiner’s criticism further escalates the learner’s anxiety, creating a hostile test environment. #ExaminerCriticism #HostileEnvironment 😑

5️⃣ Anxiety Amplification: The culmination of these failures results in a significant spike in the learner’s anxiety, leading to panicked mistakes with the examiner yellow “STOP” during an attempted lane change, failing the client. #AnxietyAmplification #ConfidenceBreakdown 😱

6️⃣ Substantial Setback: Ultimately, the mismanagement of the learning experience leads to a massive setback, delaying the driver’s progress by an astonishing ten years. #LearningSetback #ProgressDelay πŸ•’

It’s a lesson I learned early in my career β€” the importance of effectively managing the learner’s experience. New drivers require guidance, support, and a conducive learning environment to thrive. Let’s ensure driving schools prioritize the learner’s journey and set them up for success from the start. 🌟 #DrivingSchoolLessons #StudentSuccess πŸš€

Learning to Drive is best done with a very experienced, kind, and caring trainer. Just look at the experience we bring to you. This is what makes us very different.

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