90% of drivers in any given year DO NOT CRASH.

A vast population of experienced drivers have learned how to stay out of trouble, and along the way developed a very powerful and very enjoyable skill, that of maneuvering a car anywhere in the world. One of the most powerful expressions of independence. Driving a car.

You too can learn. It’s a great journey. And like most great things in this world it carries with it an equality great danger. But a manageable one.

This strategy is out there. But sadly, throughout the driving school world, it’s difficult to locate, hidden amongst the rough. It can be found in the hands of a few very dedicated driving instructors, that are often so busy, one can never find them.

So come and feel the power and joy of controlling your own car. Do it before it disappears forever as big tech takes over the entire transportation grid, with that grand promise of solving all crashes. Imagine technology promising they will never crash! HAHAHA. Like my computer, and my phone and all the other gadgets in my life that never crash! OK!

The great illusion of tech – PERFECTION!

I was deeply embedded in Tech for more than a decade. Can I tell you some stories about the illusion of tech! I sure can. Just ask.

Learn to Drive before it falls into the void forever!


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