Short answer: Driving schools should be training you to prevent these crashes, but many never talk about it. It’s taboo to show detailed images of the horror that occurs on our roads every day worldwide. Please stay away from these collisions, injuries and horrors we all face when driving a car. Heck, we all face this risk when walking, biking and with public transit. 

Just because one ignores the facts doesn’t change the facts.

Long answer: Every aspect, habit, request, and action I help a driver learn and understand directly relates to preventing a certain kind of collision. Blindly believing that one is a good driver or that nothing will happen to you, in my experience, instantly puts that driver at a higher risk called overconfidence, or blindness to that horror part of driving.

Driving is a very complex, ever-changing event, and you must too be responding always to give yourself the best approach to moving with the lowest possible risk. To err is human. Please don’t make this error of being overconfident. If you are paying attention, you will see how complex and surprising driving is.

This simple idea that driving is easy and that we can file all actions and collisions into a simple good or bad box is plain stupid. Evolve beyond this simple thinking. Be safe. Be safe for everyone involved, not just yourself. 

We all make errors.

And yes, some days I too make stupid moves while driving. Sorry, I am not perfect.

Welcome to the dangerous Game of Driving.


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