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“As I cross over lions gate on my motorcycle, I set up my quick scans to do a lane change to get set to go west towards West Vancouver, but as I look forward then, check my mirrors and then move my head to a quick side check. I am noticing that I immediately forget what I had just checked. It’s frightening!” A Freind At A Recent Dinner Party

Yes, memory changes over time, specifically short-term memory.

When driving and moving through gaps or spaces in traffic remembering images of those spaces around us is important because it constantly changes second by second.

But don’t panic, for there is a clear solution.

Vision over memory.

Trust your eyes more. Focus and concentrate on what your eyes are telling you. Cross-check scans multiple times. Do not rush this. Maybe your habit is to do a quick single look. Change this to three single quick looks. Do not rush this information gathering. Do not use the past standard of following a traditional habit of timing to make the move. Relate and follow your eyes more than your intuitive knowing and awareness.

Our bodies and minds, and vision change as we age. So too, should your driving strategies adjust as you change?

Vision is the answer. Replace fewer mirror and blind side checks with multiple checks focusing on your vision more than that historical intuitive mind just knows.

In A Previous Post, I talked about struggling with this right after I returned to the Driver Training Industry After Working In Several Other Industries At a Desk from 9-5 for many years.

Coaching all my drivers to focus more on their vision versus their thoughts or what they thought should be happening is an everyday conversation with all my clients.

Learning To Drive can be one of your life’s most rewarding and joyous learning experiences! Really! It’s like playing a video game where you sit right in the middle of the game while chaos and complexity surround you at every moment! With one big difference! You don’t have multiple lives. PK truly means PK!

Come for a driving lesson and enjoy in-depth exciting conversations while you develop into the calm, safe driver you genuinely are.


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