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Calm Cycling
Pedalling down the bike path, suddenly, a runner pops out from behind the bushes to my right. I swerve as he cuts tight to the grass area. Luckily I was at a low-speed! Cycling uses the exact same decision-making and visual scanning as driving a car. My swerve, without a left blind spot check, could have resulted in a second collision.

Calm Walking
Drivers who struggle with choosing a big enough hole to jump through when crossing a long traffic-line see benefits after walking across a busy multi-lane roadway. Arm and arm, I fast walk them across, me focusing on the direct safe path in front of us, and them screaming as they stare in fear of the approaching cars!

I call this space-drivers versus object-drivers.

This gap selection is also called an opening, breach, break, hole, void or interval.

Calm Driving
If your goal is to achieve calm while driving, I suggest you pay attention to your walk and your cycling and realize that the same CPU and INPUT devices are in control. Or at least they should be.


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