Safe in cars, and Safe in business, and Safe in our personal spaces all require smart protection of your data with a VPN. It is as important as the lock on your door and a seat belt in your car.

I worked in tech for several decades.

I lived and worked in China for seven years.

All the while it was critical to protect my data.

Near all of the top VPN’s were tried out and failed to work for many different reasons.

Then I found Trust Zone and since that day, I am safe.

Even when I was in China, Trust Zone protected me while in that very hostile environment.

Today, it continues to protect me as the hostiles increasingly are taking over Canada and much of the world.

Protect yourself with the best.

Warning! Use a VPN When Downloading Files!
Your IP Address is . Location
Your Internet Provider can see when you download files! Hide your IP Address with a VPN
Trust.Zone warns: You must use Trust.Zone VPN to hide your data. It’s FREE HIDE ME NOW

I write this today because each year TRUST ZONE has a sale, an annual Halloween Sale at amazingly low prices.

And ask me sometime in the car, why I know so much about this kind of stuff, why Trust Zones head office is in Seychelles, and how I found Trust Zone, and why lived in China, and why I left the most amazing place on earth – and not by choice!

And yes of course it has a Warrant Canary posting.


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