Whiplash – Rear Enders – The Connection?

Good Quality Seats – Head Rests Moves Body and Head Forward Together


Being hit in the rear moves your body forward quickly, with your head, if it’s adequately supported.

If the head and body are not moving together, it causes whiplash – an injury to the cervical spine.

Moving the head and torso together is the key to reducing whiplash injury risk.

A good seat and a suitable headrest in a well-made car are the keys to reducing injuries following a collision.

There are 2 million whiplash injuries a year in Europe – the MOST COMMON INJURY IN CRASHES!

So what is pre-crash prevention? Is it ensuring a good headrest setup? Or is there much more you can learn to do?

How about this?

When you approach a lineup of cars at the red light and take your stop position waiting in line, do you think about the rear approaching cars possibly hitting you? If so, what would be your strategy or defence? Would it simply be “I have a great headrest?”

Looking ahead in front of you while everyone is stopped is not dangerous once stopped.

Doesn’t it make sense to monitor the danger coming in at higher speeds to your rear?

What did your Vancouver driving instructor teach you about this?

Maybe it’s time to come talk to us about it.

70% of the reported collisions report soft tissue injury such as whiplash.
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