“If you turn right here, its faster.”

“You could have made that light you know.”

“You don’t need to drive the speed limit you know. You can go faster!”

“Slow driving is dangerous and there are laws against it in the rules of the road.”

thrill versus relaxed

“If you turn left here its slower less traffic and much calmer.”

“Gently stopping for that yellow and not racing for it is so relaxing you know.”

“You drive so relaxed with lots of space around you, smooth, like at driving school, you know.”

So many new drivers constantly feel rushed, in a hurry, must go go go, when they first learn to drive. The most common comment new drivers hear from their friends or family is that You drive too slow!.”

Why is SPEED and FASTEST and THRILLING the standard of good driving?

Why isn’t SLOW and SLOWEST and CALM + EASYGOING the standard?

Maybe the billion dollar Formula 1 race car industry has something to do with it.

Maybe the fact that the vast majority of dead motorcyclists are male, has some connection here?

Maybe the fact that less than 30% of my clients are male, has some connection also.

Why is the biggest legal charge worldwide the speeding ticket? How many slow-driving tickets are there? How many accidents state that speed was a factor? How many state that slow driving was a factor?

And are not males the dominant drivers in near all motor sports?

Have you ever watched The Isle Of Man TT Races?

Where is the International Precision Driving Competitions?

Why is speed the only benchmark used to tell us what a good driver is?

Did you know that in most races the drivers cannot see the road ahead of them for many of the turns? The racers cannot STOP in the distance that they can SEE. Most memorize the track, sometimes taking up to two months to learn the route, in order to drive as fast, much faster, than you can safely see ahead of you. Basically driving by memory NOT VISION!

Basically driving by memory NOT VISION! And this is called The Best Drivers In The World!

WOW! Oh and just go listen to these races talk about death!

Role Models! REALLY!


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