We teach 8-CHECKS to help our drivers catch these hidden stop signs.

Many drivers may never realize that they blasted right through a hidden stop sign!

Hot summers with thousands of beautiful trees often explode foilage growth near road signs at times covering them.

What CHECKS do you do to catch these kinds of dangers?

Can you think of one?

Can you think of eight?

If not, be careful out there.

Did your driving lessons, driving school, driving instructor prepare you for these scary situations?

We do!

The City Of Vancouver Encourages you to Report a covered stop sign here…

( and NO, this is not one of the 8-CHECKS we teach )

A missed stop sign is the root cause of why I teach driving. Today I continue to share what my best friend taught me. It was a very painful lesson to learn, but every day I share this secret with every client. Welcome to the 8-CHECKS.


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