For the past year, I practised with my husband. I want to pass tomorrow’s test to avoid waiting four months to get another appointment if I fail. That’s why I hired a driving instructor today for tips and advice for passing.

Driving is a complex entanglement of habits mixed up with choices and decision making. In ninety minutes, you are going to change one year of habits! Really!

It’s far more complicated than this.

You have been observing drivers since birth as a baby. Your eyes are watching family members drive, which becomes a reliable benchmark you refer to as you grow up: plus two, three or more decades of thinking, observing, and decision making from society and tv.

Do you hope a driving instructor will help you change this in ninety minutes?


We moved to Canada three months ago. I have driven for twenty-five years with no problems in my own country.

My test is in four days, so I thought I’d hire a driving instructor to prepare.

Ninety minutes is going to change twenty-five years of habits? Really?

STEFAN, “Oh, yea, I can do it.”


For ten minutes, you drive, and I mini-test you. We then stop and review.

  1. You then tell me if you think you passed or failed?
  2. No matter if you think it was P or F, tell me the action that was closest to F-failing?
  3. I then show you the action(s) that failed you.

Multiple tests run back to back in the ninety-minutes.

Fail Fail Fail Pass Fail Fail Fail Fail

Eight mini-tests, seven fails and one pass.

Regardless STEFAN asks me,

“So, do you think I will pass?”

Before your driving test, please plan to practise at least 10 hours AFTER you gather the changes you need from your Quality Driving Instructor.

The best plan is to go back and see the instructor a second time after practising the unique test things to PROVE you adopted the new habits before your test day.

Change takes time. Driving is more than changing information inside your memory. It includes changing your body too. Plus, it’s all wrapped up in emotions! GOOD LUCK!

And think about beyond the test? Think about the 1000 crashes every day in B.C? Think about my two decades of road safety, ages 16 to 91, fleet work, and leading-edge cell phone research with Transport Canada. Think about the 1.3 million who die in cars worldwide each year. Don’t you want to be measured against all this knowledge? How safe a driver are you? Really? Or do you want to HOPE that you are OK?

Few ask for this higher standard. Why? Hmmmmm. 

Driving is easy, right! Watch youtube and see underaged kids illegally driving cars every day! Besides, anyone can become a driving instructor! “Turn Left. Turn Right!” Simple Aye!

The driving test is a once in a lifetime exam on your ability to drive. But really, what would a test that measured your risk of collision look like? Is there such a thing?


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