So what happens after I pass the driving test?

And why does shooting for a higher goal beyond the driving test help me on that test day?

I remember when my friend told me he did 100 push-ups a day. To me, doing 20 was difficult. Then I met another friend who did 500 a day, and I watched. WOW!

My goal of 100 was hard, but I got to 50 trying.

But once I targeted 500 a day, miraculously, I achieved 300!

I related this to the elastic effect of how we learn. We tend to get to a certain percentage of the 100% but rarely above 100. For whatever reason, our brains target something and think that it’s complex, complicated or even impossible, leaving us with 70% or less than that 100 achievements.

Often in learning, when someone is struggling, a great solution is to make them work harder. WHAT HARDER! Yes, harder! Because focusing your brain on this higher goal, makes the previous lower goal seem smaller and more manageable.

Why do the examiners make you do a blind spot and shoulder check on the right before you turn? I don’t get it.

Well, truthfully, I believe you should do at least two blind spot checks on a right turn, one to move over to the right curb when setting up the turn to check for any cyclists on your right blind side, and a second check to clear the sidewalks on your right side.



Often I check 5 or 6 times into my blind area on a right turn, especially when there are a ton of parked car activity and the sidewalks and bike lanes are packed with people, like on a busy, sunny day!

WOW, six plus checks? YES, OR MORE!

WOW, I didn’t realize how much you can check and how much you move your body when you drive and check thoroughly.

That’s the difference between doing one blind spot check versus making sure, 100% absolutely sure it’s safe.


Getting out of your car and doing first-aid to some innocent person whom you just knocked over on your right turn, apologizing, going to court, paying fines or dealing with criminal charges is a new level of difficulty! 

More demanding and thoughtful – making sure you and everyone around you are safe!


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