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Yes, some but not all centers offer standby road tests. Read all about it here at this link.

Bring a car and spend the day waiting at the test center and maybe you can get through it in one day. It is not a sure thing but with persistence, it’s a method to get your driving test faster. Good Luck. It is best to research the specifics of the center before you go. Or phone ICBC at 1-800-663-3051 or 604-661-2800.

These Centers offer most class tests for standby including Class 5 and class 7…

  • Abbotsford, 150-31935 South Fraser Way
  • Burnaby, 3880 Lougheed Highway
  • Chilliwack, 46052 Chilliwack Central Road
  • Kamloops, 937 Concordia Way
  • Kelowna, 1720 Springfield Road
  • Langley, 19950 Willowbrook Drive, Unit J7
  • Nanaimo, 102-6475 Metral Drive
  • North Vancouver, 1331 Marine Drive
  • Port Coquitlam, 1930 Oxford Connector
  • Prince George, 4001 15th Avenue
  • Richmond, 402-5300 No. 3 Road
  • Surrey, 13426 78 Avenue
  • Vancouver, 4126 Macdonald Street
  • Victoria, 1-1150 McKenzie Avenue

ICBC locations offering standby road tests for class 5 and 7 licences only

  • Burnaby, 4399 Wayburne Drive
  • ​Langley, 6000 Production Way
  • Richmond, 7200 Elmbridge Way
  • Surrey (Guildford), 10262 152A Street
  • Surrey (Newton), 13665 68 Avenue
  • Vancouver, 999 Kingsway

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