snow day icbc cancels all driving tests

My ICBC Driving Test is at 9:45 am today. I wake up at 8:00 am and look outside!

tons of snow on car

Oh dear! This does not look good! It maybe ok for fun, but not for a ICBC driving test!

Several text go back and forth between myself and my driving instructor. Yes, most people cancel on these kinds of slippery days because any slide of your wheels can be an instant fail. And if ICBC cancels the test, they will contact me when they open at 8:30am.

8:20 am I get a phone call from a friendly voice at the ICBC test centre informing me that my test had been cancelled due to the weather.

I go search and find this at the top of the ICBC website officially cancelling all tests in the Lower Mainland.

ICBC also offered me a new test day End of January. 🙂


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