How do you work repeatedly teaching the same things every day in a car?


  1. I dont teach the same things everyday
  2. its very rare I repeat the exact same instructions

A better question to ask is, How Do You Be A Beginner every day when you work in the car?

First, realize this. A great teacher I believe is also a great learner. Or you could say they are also great beginners.

When I meet a new client, I am the beginner.

I Am The Beginner

I listen carefully.

I know nothing about you.

People are complex.

Brains are the most complex thing ever discovered in all of history.

And here comes another new brain.

It climbs into my car with a full person, a history, many stories and decades of experiences.

Time for me to listen and to learn about this new and complex brain.

I am a beginner here.

And it’s all totally new and unique.

The Game of Driving is filled with huge amounts of information, rules, laws, case laws, lines, signs, tester details, blah blah blah. And this is growing and changing every day! And it’s mixed up with danger!

I am very well versed in most all of this information.

But the magic key to helping a new driver unlock that awesome calm driving within is not in the content I hold. The key is in the unique brain that just climbed into my car.

Time to listen.

Time to help them uncover the exciting, fun Game of Driving.

And also to uncover the dark side, the fear that also comes with the Game of Driving.

Come be my teacher.

I will be the beginner.

Did you learn this in Driver Education?


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