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This common teaching approach gets you a license but might not prepare you for long-term driving. Understanding the ‘why’ behind each skill is crucial for lasting confidence.

I know how to drive. I passed both driving tests the first time with zero problems. But the method I learned was following the voice of my instructor. Every single scan, signal and move was spoken into my ear for many hours from the start of the training to the end. All of this was 8 year ago and I have not driven a day since. My hesitation to drive plus other lifestyle factors has kept me away from driving for too long. Now, due to job requirements, I must drive but I fear to drive. Worse of all I have forgotten all the checklists and all the words my instructor places inside my brain.

This is a common method of instructing which gets you a pass and a license but often stops there.

  1. TAKE A LESSON WITH A CALM INSTRUCTOR: Find a quiet place and go for a quiet drive with the assurance of a trainer copilot who can easily take control or assist to make sure this first step is totally safe.
  2. REFRESH THE RULES: Openly talk about the rules and laws a you drive long. Stopping and sketching any issues for clarity helps keep you calm and clear.
  3. TALK ABOUT THE BIG DELAY: Not driving for many years is often a lifestyle issue but can include fear or anxiety. Dealing with this openly may unlock energy that will help restart your driving skills. It will also set the groundwork to ensure a second delay does not occur.
  4. GIVE YOU MIND AND BODY THE TIME IT NEEDS: Plan to take small steps to allow your mind and body to recall the past skills and information. Do not jump right into traffic and rush things. Listen to whats happening during your first drive and decide what to do from there.

A Calm Simple Step By Step

A composed and systematic initiation is pivotal in establishing effective control over the vehicle. Unfortunately, this fundamental initial phase is frequently overlooked in conventional, hastily-operated driver training programs designed solely for obtaining licenses.

Confidence should progressively evolve alongside the acquisition of skills to guarantee enduring and robust self-assurance. By adhering to a methodical progression of core basics, you, as the driver, gain control in increasingly complex situations.

Deviation from this structured approach tends to foster either unwarranted overconfidence or undue anxiety, both of which are undesirable when navigating a 2000 kg machine.

Any other path produces overconfidence, or anxiety, both of which are no fun when driving a 2000 kg machine.




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