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Don’t look at the parked cars tight on both sides as we drive down the narrow residential street. So then, what do you look at? How about aiming for the middle of the empty space between the cars?

Don’t think of failing versus focusing on the primary task of driving properly.

90% to 95% of your driving is great but you constantly hunt for a few mistakes and berate yourself, ignoring your 95% success.

Let’s imagine this yellow area is the space between your ears.


Imagine it is your test day.

What thoughts should be between your ears?

fail fail fail fail fail


signage far ahead, speed control, lane positioning

Driving down the tight residential street, cars parked on both sides.

What thoughts should be between your ears?

the cars are very close on both sides



aim for the empty space


Driving properly requires full attention, which we refer to as a 100% focus on the task. Learning to direct your attention to the right things and away from the wrong things is critical.

Come, learn this Focused Driving today.


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