Can Start at 16 yrs Old

Federal Controlled All of Germany Controls all Licenses


$2000 EU and & 30 hours driving instructors & 20 lessons theory & first aid

Very hard Driving Test Fail Very Hard

GO thru all of this BEFORE you can drive with Parents

Drive on right side

signs are all symbols

not allowed to turn right on red

stop signs rare and no first come first go but rule is RIGHT before LEFT at uncontrolled intersection

cannot hold a phone must be hands free

drinking 0.5

can have open alcohol in car and can drink in car


located on this side of the intersection

lights are on pole not on wires – all wires are underground Lights go from RED to RED and YELLOW and then to Green


drive faster

more impatient


No Speed Limit and big changes in speed…. 2 to 4 lanes

trucks banned on Sundays

130 140 middle lane

left lane 130 to 300 km/h

must move out of fast lane immediately

must always drive as far right as possible

ILLEGAL to pass on the right.

Isle of Man also has no speed limits

Many parts of AutoBahn 70% do not have speed limits

30% speed limit variable limits

no speed limit sign is this…..

50 km towns and 100 km h on rural roads

no cops on side of road – have SPEEDING CAMERAS everywhere….hidden in bushed ticket in the mail….

fine less expensive 10 km over $15 EU…. or can go up to several hundred euros or lose license

smaller cars smaller lanes less space smaller country Germany… larking very tight…

honda civic is normal few big trucks.. opals bmw….. Mercedez are just normal cars… not considered a luxury brands…. ford jeep cvs… scoda Suzuki cars

no old cars – laws inspection of cars road safety and environmental inspection on license plate…. if you fail it cannot go on the road…. most all are standards 70%

all cars are standard shift

tons of cyclists……

Germany teaches heave looking for cycles

different emergency sounding alarms…

GAS is very expensive…$5.70 per gallon – get gas first then go in and pay


14 yrs or 15 yrs old Can Start IF over 18 just take exam and drive some pay $50 to get license


Controlled States or provinces Quality Varied

No training hours required maybe some ask for hours online course

test is not so hard just keep trying

can drive with parents immediately not 12-6am


Words in signs

Cna turn on red

stop signs everywhere two signs stop or 4 ways stops first come first leave

drinking 0.8

no alcohol allowed in car


located on the other side of the intersection

Lights are on wires… Light go from RED to YELLOW to GREEN

GAS $2.00 per gallon

Pay first then pump gas


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