When learning to drive we face 3 significant challenges. Safety, learning how to drive life-long staying away from trouble. Habits, patterns entrenched into our minds may oppose safety. Change, adopting the new material when the safe practices disagree with our habits.

Time and time again, people pay me hours of their hard-earned money to change and perform a new way to pass a test. But sometimes, on that big day, they choose to abandon their hard work and all the preparation and revert to a familiar old way. Why?


I check beside, behind and signal. I see a car behind and I move further forward to make sure they stay far behind me to make sure I don’t affect them or cause them to slow down. I must move into their lane with no effect on them at all. Which also includes the 2-second following distance rule distance. Also, I cannot exceed the speed limit rule.


I check beside and check behind and turn on my signal. I see a car behind in my mirrors and move over in front of them. Yes I know I slowed them down a little but it’s ok because they will slow to let me in. It’s ok if I affect them a little.

It’s ok if I force them to break the 2-second following rule because I had space and it wasn’t that close.

It’s ok because this is how we do it back home in my country. It’s a strong habit. It’s natural.

Which one will you perform on your test day? If you are under pressure and your brain is focused on the examiner and the stress, maybe you don’t have a choice! Maybe your entire body and brain will simply do what it knows best to do, which most likely will not be the new way you learned in 2 hours!


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