1. pull out your driving journal
  2. sit down immediately and write a list of essential things you need to focus on
  3. better yet, record yourself talking about the session to review later many times over and over
  4. enter a date & time and write what you did well and what areas concerned you
  5. quickly review in the two driver handbooks the related areas mentioned above or
  6. write in your calendar time to review specific areas in the two handbooks
  7. plan out what you think are the top three things to work on for the next session
  8. if you have practice time, make a short checklist to bring with you in the car
  9. enter into your calendar time to review this material before your next drive.

Remember you learn far better with SHORT blocks of time, five-minute reviews, several days in a row, every day.

You learn far less when you study LONG blocks of time, 60+ minutes, once a month.

Failing and messing up something when driving is a fantastic learning opportunity. Remember it. Study it. Make sure you understand the confusion. Be prepared to do better the next time the same situation arises.


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