Yes, I got to practise a bit. 

Where did you go?

Um, we did the same thing we always do. We do errands.

So you drive from home to grandmothers and back?


Break this A to B habit. 

Plan the training portion for your new driver.

  • In the first 15 minutes,
  • plan to circle a few blocks in the closest residential area
  • and do three parallel parks. 
  • then three stall-parks at the closest parking lot. 
  • then five lefts and 
  • five rights, trying to find the most complex turns in the area, depending on how they do on the simple turns.

Then take off to drive A to B!

Thanks, MOM! Thanks, DAD!

Driving is a never-ending chain of decisions. Making decisions is critical to building a smart, aware new driver. So let them make the decisions!

Often a student enters my car following one of those premium full classrooms and complete in-car courses. They come to see me to get another opinion (very wise) and check on their readiness for the test day and for a lifetime of survival.

Recently we met at their lovely school, and they jumped in. After a brief chat, I suggest they drive. After several requests to lead them and my repeated rejection to not lead, they focused on the task and away we went.

After 10 minutes of observing, I stated that we were close to where they lived.

‘Yes,’ they exclaimed. ‘When you asked me to drive wherever I wanted to go, I was totally lost. All the other trainers told me exactly where to turn and where to stop. So for you to let me go, it wasn’t easy.’

So I drove from my school to home because that’s the only route I know.


I Have Evolved

We strongly recommend not training a new driver on your own. We suggest you hire a registered driving instructor with experience in a dual-controlled, fully insured driving school car.


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