As an experienced driver, and as someone who loves their new driver, we often fail to see things from the new driver’s eyes. Let me try and help.

  • Driving around the block.
  • Pulling away from the curb 6 times.
  • Pulling back into the curb 6 times.
  • ( but not 6 times in a row )
  • Turning down the back alleyway.
  • Reversing slowly in a parking lot.
  • Exiting the sharp edge of an alley.
  • Exiting a parking lot.
  • Exiting the driveway.
  • Steering 20 simple left turns.
  • Steering 20 right turns.
  • Steering through a 3 point turn.
  • Steering through a 2 point turn.
  • Stopping on a hill 8 times.
  • ( but not 8 times in a row – mix things up here )
  • Pulling up the parking brake 8 times.
  • Starting on a hill.
  • Unlocking every lock in the car.
  • Opening the hood up.
  • Getting gas.
  • Touching the curb with the tires.

Learning can be terrific fun if you think simple, through the eyes of the learner and fill their driving time with FUN! Be tedious here with the list. Don’t repeat the same thing over 100 times in a row. Variety is fun. Take this list and do it, rotating through the items one at a time. Change change change and then come back and start the list again.

And forget about being perfect or judging them in comparison to how well YOU do it. Just let them do it at their own pace.

As they get better at everything, create new lists.

But please, don’t only drive from point A to point B like most of us do. Yes, this is ok to do occasionally, but variety = fun.

I Have Evolved

We strongly recommend not training a new driver on your own. We suggest you hire a registered driving instructor with experience in a dual-controlled, fully insured driving school car.


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