Every day we see persons on the road with Stop and Slow signs helping us navigate thru often confusing road […]
Remove everything from inside your car when you park. Leaving a bag or a book or a small package or […]
Sorry but I don’t really understand is change? What was the original rule that got changed? Part of this Driving […]
Have you seen one around town! Is it legal? You may be surprised by the answer! And what about these? […]
Recently I borrowed a bike helmet from a very experienced motorbike rider. He offered me two options, and the words […]
Tesla Drivers Can Now Play Video Games Even With Car Moving
Interesting but traumatic. Viewers beware. I don’t necessarily agree but it is a different viewpoint to consider. What do you […]
CBC published a great story revealing a fraudulent website impersonating ICBC. Follow the link to the article here… And here […]
Stopping a driver from moving my car into danger occurs dozens of times a week when teaching. But having a […]
“My job keeps me very busy.” “My family takes most of my time.” “Sorry I need to cancel the session […]
RECENTLY I have one client as me about this. In fact, I have never experienced a shock in my entire […]
…the ultimate answer is here…. Wa this taught to you in Drive Education Class?
The families and loved ones left behind after the 9/11 Tower attacks. How much money did they receive? 7,000,000,000/5560 = […]

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