smokin the back wheels

Watching high-speed car racing, intense TT motorbike races, and videos of cars balancing on two wheels have made me contemplate our true nature as people and our relationship with driving.

Recently, I had the chance to work with a client who had spent many years working in the Emirates. Previous clients had confirmed that this type of driving was well-known there. Today, I decided to ask my client if they could explain why such risky driving behaviors were prevalent. Their response was eye-opening.

“Well, they have so much money, more than enough, that they can solve any problem they face simply by throwing money at it. So, in essence, there are no real problems in the Emirates. They all disappear with money.”

I couldn’t help but think that the ultimate end of life due to a car crash isn’t something money can solve. But I suppose if you’ve never encountered a problem that money couldn’t fix, then there’s a lesson to be learned. Hence, the tendency towards wildly risky behavior, often on open roads with traffic.

Every day, it seems, I discover a new perspective on driving. Gosh!

WOW talk about stress and snxiety seeing this kind of thing come down the road. Well I predict that someday soon, don’t be surprised…


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