Getting enough hours when learning to drive is critical to mastering the car, the rules and other road users. ICBC […]
I need a couple of days to process all the information I received in today’s lesson. Why do so many […]
What is the first step? How about the steering lock? Yes, cars have a mechanism to stop the wheels from […]
Car Pulls Out From Stop Sign Directly Into My Bike’s Path! I was travelling north on Union St. Car was […]
parking on white line fail
Over the past few weeks, my clients have been passing passing passing even when they park poorly at the end […]
I just arrived in Vancouver. So many questions and so many steps to figure out how the driver’s license works […]
it will not start – its already running The tires are bald, ripped cracked – look dangerous. the dash warning […]
Test day. Did not sleep well. I worried tossed and turned all night. Woke early. Ate more muffins than normal. […]
A two-way left-turn lane is very common. The sign tells you that the entire lane allows you to set up […]
Experienced drivers from many other countries come to Vancouver and must pass a second-level Class 5 (N) driving test. Many […]
Some choose to believe… Never allowing the thought ‘failure’ into your mind is exactly the same as the ‘failure’ never […]
My driving test is tomorrow. Help me prepare, please. I arrive. You jump into the driver’s seat. We pull out […]
‘1. Signal every lateral move and movement from a stop: turn, change lanes, pull over & pull out. 2. Signal […]
Shane, a new drive,r has over thirty hours of driver training with instructors and zero driving other than that. We […]

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