We meet at our preset meeting place. I bring the car, and you bring your license.

Outside of the car, we talk briefly about how much you’ve driven and generally what your goal is.

If you have driven several hours or more, you take the driver’s seat.

If you have no driving experience or don’t want to drive right away for whatever reason, you jump into the passenger’s side.


You spend whatever time you need to get oriented and familiar with my car’s unique feel. plus time to get comfortable with me. You drive around wherever you want for 10 or 15 minutes. I take notes and calmly observe. You can ask me anything, but I mainly remain quiet, allowing you maximum concentration for adapting to my car.

After 10 minutes or so, I may ask you to perform a few maneuvers. We then find a place to stop, and we discuss what just happened and what I observed. Together, we decide on a plan of what we will do for the rest of the lesson time.

You Take The Passengers Seat

I demonstrate three simple things a new driver should start with on their first drive. Focus on these three things, and let me manage everything else, the traffic, the signage and all other objects or road users and all of our overall safety. You focus on these three things, and I promise you by the end of this lesson, it will look like you have driving for ten years! And when you master these three things, we can go anywhere.

Quite the promise, aye! OK, let’s do it.

CAR CONTROL is the foundational step—these three key tools are mastered before moving to the next level.

100% SIGNS LINES is the design and rules of this game called driving. Yellows, reds, greens, lines, lights, paint, printed words, and lots of signs. All part of the road rules that you must grasp to play this driving game. You will be shocked how many drivers don’t’ function at 100%.

TRAFFIC PATTERNS is paying attention to and learning the movement and timing of all the other road users. This rhythm requires time observing and experiencing the movement of other cars around you while continuing to MASTER and give attention to both CAR CONTROL and 100% SIGNS LINES.

FULL 360 only comes once all previous three levels are mastered. Many drivers never get to this level because their goal is to pass the driving test.

US versus THEM

Your mental focus and decision-making must focus first on the US, which includes your positioning, speed, and control of the car as you place it properly and legally into the game board called driving. US includes both CAR CONTROL and 100% SIGNS LINES.

After you have achieved a solid grasp of US we then move to manage THEM, all the other road users, and what they are doing. How are they controlling their cars, and are they following 100% SIGNS LINES? THEM includes both mastering TRAFFIC PATTERNS and FULL 360.


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