a single vehicle tire

Well-cared good tires are super important for maximum control, always! You can count on quality tires at a quality driving school. Come see.

Purchase Price $1200

Rated for lifetime usage to 60,000 KM


Purchase Price $1200

Rated for lifetime usage to 70,000 KM

Make sure they are Mountain and Snow Rated M&S

All Weather Tired Explained

  • ROTATE THEM EVERY 10,000 KM faithfully, never missing the rotation.
  • CHECK THE TIRE PRESSURE WEEKLY and keep it exactly as recommended by the tire manufacturer.
  • Always make sure the sales group supports full FLAT REPAIR SERVICE and repair because I had 4 flats in one year last year! YEA!



MAP LINES FOR VANCOUVER NORTH VAN WEST VAN https://www2.gov.bc.ca/assets/gov/driving-and-transportation/driving/winter/pdfs/southcoastmap.pdf


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