For the entire driving test, the examiners hunt for mistakes? Why is that?

Is it not generally understood that learning occurs best with positive reinforcement in a positive environment? Building on the good things one does.

Embarrassing, stressful, distracting, pressure – knowing that every move is being watched, critically watched with each pen stroke documented as fail.

l really have no idea why it’s this way. But, I like a child growing up in a difficult situation without the capacity to gather all the required information, I have come up with an idea…


When we open our eyes we all see from the top of the room to the bottom and from left to right. We see clearly whatever is there in front of us. You could say 100% or Perfectly.

Now imagine that you are tested on what you see.

Do you see the computer on the desk? YES

Do you see the dried flower arrangement? Tell me the three flower colours? YOU CANNOT. HENCE YOU FAILED THIS TEST.

It seems the entire test is a measurement starting at 100% perfection. So when you turn the keys at the start of the test, you have already passed. You start off at 100% perfect.

As you move the car you lose points for each error you make. Some of these errors are safety errors, some are broken laws, and some are dangerous actions. All of which can fail you, some instantly.

It seems that the starting assumption is similar to seeing the room with your eyes open, that you can see EVERYTHING.

And when moving a 2000 kg machine which can move at over 100km/h you better be doing everything perfect or 100% otherwise it can be dangerous as well as costly.


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