Of all the careers I have enjoyed and of all the thrills in life I have experienced, driving a car stands above so so many other things. The feeling, the incredible sense of accomplishment, the joy of choosing my own music, my own colours, my own style, my own feel of the road, my own travels.

I am saddened to think that it will soon be taken away under the umbrella of safety – we must remove the bad driver. This grand promise technology gives us to rid the world of car crashes when the truth is 90% of us DO NOT CRASH!


Oh but for the good of us all, we 90% must give up the joy for the safety of the 10%! Hmmmmm.

If we treated airplane pilots the same way we treat car drivers, planes would be falling out of the skies every day!

So the solution to ‘no crash’ is here in the airplane world, but no no no, we must not STOP the BAD DRIVERS from driving! No NO! We must STOP EVERYONE from driving, hence the grand driverless cars promise!

Well, come learn to drive now before it totally disappears.


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