Mom and son are on the way to school. Mom is living through multiple leading causes of external stress. Divorce, recently closed her own salon and obvious financial strain. Plus in the opening scenes, she’s fired by her lead client.

Forgetfulness, being consistently late, and being disorganized are obvious behaviours she demonstrates as a result of these high pressures.

Clearly, she is struggling to maintain control of herself, and her son’s family situation.

Cause and Effect:

  • an old car maybe not be that safe
  • running on low gas risks failing in a dangerous location
  • engine light on maintenance upkeep failing risk break down in a dangerous location
  • late for meetings risking cutting through traffic, illegal movements, traffic tickets, more financial pressure collisions going against traffic norms and flows
  • the accumulated effect causes the son to be late for school and detentions
  • associates start using labels to reflect the bad behaviour such as on-time versus Mom’s time (always late)


Russell Crowe’s character also has mega stress also with a divorce, fired from a job, and lost his pension showing violence against that same relationship.

His behavior is clearly out of control, burning down houses, physically attacking others, and ramming a pedestrian with his truck.

Learning to drive requires learning to control your hands, feet, and eyes. These body parts are used to control the related levers that in turn, control the car.

Your brain in turn, controls the required body parts.

Out-of-control brains will struggle to control a car.

Rules anywhere down the chain of control rarely have any real effect once the central processing unit, the brain, has lost command and control.

External Stressors in turn cause Internal Stressors.

  • My rating of the movie is 1/10.
  • I don’t like seeing Russel Crowe play this role.
  • I watched it because a friend recommended it to me because of road rage.
  • I couldn’t watch it all.
  • Out-of-control individuals are dangerous in every part of their lives, not just in cars.
  • Sadly there is no stopping an out-of-control person from finding car keys and driving.
  • They are out there whether or not they should be, they are out there.

Solution: Separate the Problem


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