The first drive, the car is all over the place never staying in the lane. Braking is sudden and we hear this grinding noise as the tires chirp to a sudden stop.

The explanation is, this is a new driver.

But then the next drive a few days later, they move the car perfectly! WOW! What changed?

This sudden change in clients occurs often. And it can go from very good to terrible or from very terrible to very good from one lesson to the next even with a short day or two breaks in between.

The answer is typically a body change.




Most times its explained by one of these simple but powerful body changes.

“Oh, my first drive I was exhausted after a 12 hours shift.”

“I had a huge fight that first drive and broke up with my boyfriend just before the class.”

“I forgot to take my medicine that night before and it always has a very powerful effect.”

This is as powerful a change similar to when a driver forgets to wear their glasses.

I think many of us IGNORE these simple but powerful body effects and how they can seriously affect our driving. I don’t suggest NOT DOING THESE THINGS but more so realizing the impact they have on your driving, acknowledging the effect and COMPENSATING in some way to adjust to this new factor in your overall stay safe management.

Remember, part of the physical body changes also includes your brain!

Be aware please.


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