Our car is tall high up with an improved vision. Our windows are big as are the side view mirrors help you see clearer, see more, see better.

The rear window has a wiper so that in rainy muddy Vancouver weather you can see.

The vehicle is sure-footed, all-wheel drive with a height off the ground to easily manage most Vancouver bumps, curbs and rough edges on some roads. This is a very different ride compared to very low riding, steel rims grinding against cement curbs, which not only feels terrible but sounds horrible as metal grinds against the hard cold cement.

Our car chair is solid, firm and electric which keeps it in the exact manufacturer’s original place. Far superior to manual controls with hundreds if not thousands of bodies ramming it back and forth into position.

And our seats are leather, not fabric. Fabric is far less pleasant after 100 bums have sat on it, especially on hot summer days.

The learner is the reason why we choose this car.

The learner can see much better in a higher vehicle and a stronger vehicle. And a stronger vehicle with a higher profile is simply safer in a crash.

And VISION is paramount for safety and vision is great in our vehicle.

So if other schools do not CHOOSE the car for the benefit of the LEARNER, what is their purpose?


Most schools drive the cheapest car to run, to maximize their profits, period. In fact, the industry considers you an idiot if you don’t follow suit and drive the same small economical cars.

But here’s the real rub and the biggest kudos for driving a bigger vehicle- THE INSTRUCTOR!


As we all know from our years in education, great learning occurs when the teacher is respected and amazing. Great teachers produce great students. Great interests in a certain subject matter often, most often come from a dynamic, interested, high quality dedicated teacher. Boring teachers produce boring content. We all remember the good teacher by name for our entire lives.

A Review of Educational Research analysis of 46 studies found that strong teacher-student relationships were associated in both the short- and long-term with improvements on practically every measure schools care about: higher student academic engagement, attendance, grades, fewer disruptive behaviors and suspensions, and lower school dropout rates. Those effects were strong even after controlling for differences in students’ individual, family, and school backgrounds.

Teachers benefit, too. A study in the European Journal of Psychology of Education found that a teacher’s relationship with students was the best predictor of how much the teacher experienced joy versus anxiety in class.

No training school that I worked for so far, considered the trainer’s needs while they live in a car.

Sitting on the ground, a rougher ride is not a fun place to be every day.

The lower profile, the smaller windows, smaller mirrors, no rear wipers, all contribute to the poorer vision and a far more difficult uncomfortable job. And one of my primary roles is to keep us safe which is a challenge under ideal conditions. And I am not going to talk about the lower quality seats, smaller spaces and the effect of all has especially when the interior of the car was NEVER CLEANED PROFESSIONALLY FOR SIX MONTHS if not years!


“We all know that quality comes from a compassionate trainer, not from an obtuse complacent corporation.” COOPER

I love my job.

I love my car.


in turn

I love my clients.


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